Claire Chen

Shanghai, Taipei, Los Angeles, San Francisco
Claire holds a college degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing Management in San Francisco, CA, USA. Currently, Claire is the Managing Partner and founder of iSource Consulting Group LTD.

Claire started modeling career since her teenage years. During her studies, Claire worked as the lead fashion and print model for professional runway; TV & commercial print and a TV anchor with celebrities, etc. in Asia Pacific and North America.

After completion of her studies, Claire worked in PR and media firms before she launched her own fashion brand "Moogii" as an online cashmere sweater and accessory entrepreneur in 2003. Then Claire joined Jacobsen Entertainment LTD. Australia and the EventsMarket LTD. UK/Australia to lead their business development in Asia Pacific.

After managing various business development projects in Asia Pacific, Claire started her own business consulting firm, iSource Consulting Group LTD. in 2007 to provide multinational firms with branding, marketing, Public Relations, and e-commerce solutions. Her firm provided lobbyist service and business networking for government-affiliated organizations in Greater China. She maintains a worldwide network with both business and political contacts in Asia, North America, and Europe. In 2009, she restructured the firm and changed its business focus by becoming a wholesale agency for numerous Eco-Green products.

Claire has extensive experiences in business development, excels at strategic planning and PR to coordinate between multinational and multilingual parties with different interests resulting in outstanding achievements. She has substantial exposure to the global, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau scenes, as well as a proven record in international relations, business development, and corporate affairs.

Claire is result and detail oriented and has the potential to become a global business leader with entrepreneurial spirit.