Dr. Kees van Maren MA

Nijmegen, Amsterdam
Kees holds a linguistic degree from the Radboud University and is schooled in public relations, marketing and fundraising. He teached Dutch at several colleges, worked as a trainer in business writing and in 1988 he became Director of Marketing for a major hospital. There he landed an award winning fundraising campaign. In 1991 Kees established a communications firm, Warner Demare, that mainly operated in the public sector. Kees sold the company in 2007 and created a new fundraising firm. Emolife ( is now leading in Holland and Belgium, related with all major NGO's. Small shops in Germany and France just opened. Emolife offers eventfundraising and direct dialogue marketing, two techniques that use the true power of an NGO: to involve the civil society in a very direct and emotional way. Kees steers the international development and is the creative engineer of events for causes such as Oxfam, WWF, Red Cross, MSF and Cordaid ( From 2000 Kees volunteered to help build and develop new schools for tribal children in Madhya Pradesh, India. He presided for ten years the Shahdol Foundation, that now offers education to hundreds of kids and health care facilities to their families. Kees lives in Nijmegen and commutes between Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Berlin.

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