Will van der Vlugt

Amsterdam, London, Dubai, Miami
Will van der Vlugt started his career as a photographer in the advertising industry, where he quickly became one of the top players in the business. He soon founded his own company, Caramel Pictures, in Holland, a production company that not only allowed him to evolve into directing commercials, but also to become one of Europe's leading production companies, with offices in Amsterdam, London, Dubai, and Miami, as well as the largest private studio facilities in the Netherlands.

Eight Gold Lions and many other awards later, Will van der Vlugt has directed hundreds of commercials, and has been involved in several feature films, documentaries, and most recently a TV series. Some of these projects include the highly acclaimed mini-series OPERATION CHECKMATE for TVE (Spain), the documentary A SOLAS, which van der Vlugt produced, directed and photographed, as well as the feature films HIMALAYA for Luc Besson, LAND GRANT, and 29 DAYS. van der Vlugt is working to direct LAND GRANT and 29 DAYS in the next couple of years.
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