Company Profile

Zevendael is a leading corporate finance and consultancy business focused on promoting Asian investment abroad and facilitating introductions to clients or business partners in Asia (particularly China).

We support ASEAN investors with their business development, franchises or acquisitions (whether by way of M&A, commodity or resource contracts or with development projects) particularly in the regions of Central and South America but also across EMEA.

Our offices and our network based principally in Hong Kong, London, Miami and across Central and South America is well placed to support a wide range of activity across our principal jurisdictions. Projects have also been initiated in Italy, Iceland, The Netherlands, India and South Africa.

Key areas of expertise are:
  • Art
  • Bio Technology
  • Communication
  • Emerging Markets
  • Energy
  • Franchise
  • Healthcare | Medical
  • HRM
  • Infrastructural Projects
  • Leisure | Fashion
  • Philanthropy
  • Real Estate
  • Sports

Offices in central London provide key administrative and consultancy support to the group. Our Associate network of leading international entrepreneurs, MBA qualified consultants, government representative agencies and investors extends across [12] locations.

Our business is built on confidentiality, personal service and trust. The wide range of our activities is a testament to the 'buy side' nature of our service offering where we cannot 'add value' to a client's transaction, acquisition or development project we will facilitate appropriate introductions via our Associates or our extensive international contacts who may be best placed to provide 'on the ground' support.

Many of our transactions have a philanthropical dimension we are committed to economic and social development in a number of the countries in which we work.


(literally translated as 'the seven valleys')

For many years, since my early childhood, I "hold" Zevendael within me, not in the form of a company, but more how the name, Zevendael, is interconnected/bound to me.

Let me start at the beginning....

Zevendael is an area on the border of the Gelderland and Limburg provinces, a place where you may feel that you are no longer in the Netherlands, but instead very "far away from the bustle of everyday life.

It's a huge contrast with the flat land.... It is a land full of hills and panoramic views. There are "mountains", by Dutch standards, holding the names of Sint- Jansberg, de Kiekberg and the Sint Maartensberg. These "mountains" were formed during the last Ice Age, some 140,000 years ago, as glaciers, hills and valleys shaped this environment, whereby Zevendael which literally translates to the Seven Valleys came into existence. It is the only area in the Netherlands, where, during the Riss Ice Age, the location of a glacier tongue was established.

Furthermore, there are many creeks, wetlands, heath and pools including the famous Green Water (the story goes that the water became green because a witch fell into a nearby pool). It has a rich flora and fauna . you can find kingfishers, buzzards, owls, sparrow hawks, woodpeckers, tree falcons, badgers, deer, and much more ....
Also in terms of vegetation, it is an area rich in majestic trees, many well over 300 years old, including beech, chestnut and oak trees.
And of course special plants such as anemone, horse's hoof, gold veil, giant horsetail, slim primrose and many herbs.

Furthermore there is a very rich history.... This starts with the Romans who had understood the importance of its' strategic location.
From out here it was possible to view and monitor the entire area, with a 360 degree viewpoint. A famous battle which was held in this area was the 'Battle of Mookerheide' which took place in 1574, and involved the armies of Orange and the Spanish army, during the Eighty Years' War.
Among the many who had fallen and died on these grounds, two of them were brothers of the Father of the Nation, William of Orange, Henry and Louis of Nassau.

Another important point in Dutch history, which took place in the exact same location, was 1944's Operation Market Garden. The area served as a landing area for the 82nd Airborne Division. Thousands of British soldiers from the 505th Parachute Infantry also landed down here, all led by General Gavin. Since then, part of this area holds the name of "Little America". This is, in a nutshell, an overview of the rich history of the "Zevendael".....

From childhood onwards, Zevendael was always a part of me, starting with my grandparents, parents and culminating with my children..... In 1981 I unexpectedly received an opportunity to acquire a piece of this land..... a small cottage with an acre of land on the Bracamonteweg; Bracamonte was an illustrious Spanish General known for his role in the battle on the Mookerheide.

After buying the land, I transformed the near derelict cottage into a wonderful little home ; more I could not do, as it is located in an area of high ecological value.
From the moment I moved in, I explored every square meter of the surrounding Zevendael.
For many years that followed, I ran many miles, challenging myself, running from one hill to another. Come rain or come shine, every time was a new challenge. Although the hills are not that high, they are definitely very vicious , if you run them up often enough - the pain ending in great satisfaction. So when I had to create a name for a very special company, I did not think long ..... "Zevendael" .....

I have, over the years, allowed the Company to "age" and ripen, and now brought out of the "closet" during 2010, the result is as shown on this very website. Last but not least, my eldest daughter, Jessie, was born in "Zevendael" and she is also captured by the spirit of the hills. . It is something that grips you. You must have experienced it to know it.

If you are interested to learn more I could talk for hours about the Zevendael - if you have the opportunity to visit, it would be my pleasure to be your guide.